Something About Me

My Tantric Trinity…Spirituality, Sexuality, and Economics.

My experience and training has taught me that our whole living experience is ecology. What you do in one area of life can affect another area in life. My purpose is helping your journey of transformation in what I call the “sacred trinity.” We have been cultivated in a culture that separates these aspects in life when in fact they should work together. 


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I love to teach and create a safe and sacred space for transformative experiences. If you’re ever in Atlanta, or if you would like for me to come to your neck of the woods feel free to register for one

Feminine Health & Wellness

Our reproductive system is subject to many ailments due to the chemicals and toxins that comes from food, feminine care products, and the people we choose to be intimate with. Having a healthy womb space not only connects us to our

Body Work

TANTRA With many years of witnessing the dysfunction in ourselves and relationships, I have found many tools that has helped myself and thousands of others improve tremendously.  I have experienced first hand the amount of men and women who have issues


What’s your blueprint? With many years of reading charts, I have come to know that most of us seek some sort of validation or clarity outside of ourselves even though what you know is already within. Using the most ancient system of

Medicine Woman

“Before there were pills, there were plants…” ~ Riziki Zafira I don’t know about you, but it seems whenever I hear a commercial about a new prescription medicine, the side effect are worse than the issue you’re already dealing with.

My Current Projects

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I also provide private workshops. Be sure to click the link to find out more information about the benefits of attending one of my sessions!


“…when she read my chart everything was ON POINT. She even told me what field of work I was in without me saying anything ahead of time! It was amazing and I gained so much valuable insight that I am using to my advantage….” J. Whitney

J. Whitney

“You’re reading was so spot on for me! And even with the other things you mentioned like willpower and my energy levels – I struggle with both of those…….I was just telling a friend this on Saturday……wow.” M. Hudson

M. Hudson

“I’ve had readings done before. I was belted to have a wonderful reading by the beautiful Riziki El. She was thorough and precise. She truly has the gift of site…..” M. McPherson

M. McPherson

“….Everything has been going well since our energy session. I accepted the proposal and we should be operating a food truck the beginning of summer. I have been so close and open with (spouses name) and been much better at communicating….” J. Brown

J. Brown

“…thank you I remember you took something out of me that didn’t belong…I also feel lighter more flexible fluid like…I been feeling tingling in my root chakra since our session I feel the blockage you took out of me was in the heart and stomach area.” D. Johnson

D. Greene