My consultations includes but are not limited to using the following tools: Intuition, Personality Typing, Cultural/Family Background, Clinical Advice, Trauma Assessment, Sidereal Astrology, Tantra/Sacred Sexuality,

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FOR GROUPS of 10 OR MORE !!!   This is a collaborative effort with the 8th House Collective. We provide a 6 month program for

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I love to teach and create safe spaces for transformative experiences. I conduct workshops for private groups, retreats,  non-profit organizations, businesses as well as the

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Feminine Health and Wellness

MAINTAIN AND CULTIVATE YOUR FEMININE NATURE   Our reproductive system is subject to many ailments due to the chemicals and toxins that comes from food, feminine

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“We have invested in our careers by paying colleges and universities to attain degrees and training in the arts, sciences, and specific trades. Why not

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“DO YOU KNOW THE POWER OF COMMUNING WITH YOUR SPIRIT?” I offer opportunities that allow you to explore the deepest parts of yourself and activate

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My Current Projects


“…when she read my chart everything was ON POINT. She even told me what field of work I was in without me saying anything ahead of time! It was amazing and I gained so much valuable insight that I am using to my advantage….” J. Whitney

J. Whitney

“You’re reading was so spot on for me! And even with the other things you mentioned like willpower and my energy levels – I struggle with both of those…….I was just telling a friend this on Saturday……wow.” M. Hudson

M. Hudson

“I’ve had readings done before. I was belted to have a wonderful reading by the beautiful Riziki El. She was thorough and precise. She truly has the gift of site…..” M. McPherson

M. McPherson

“….Everything has been going well since our energy session. I accepted the proposal and we should be operating a food truck the beginning of summer. I have been so close and open with (spouses name) and been much better at communicating….” J. Brown

J. Brown

“…thank you I remember you took something out of me that didn’t belong…I also feel lighter more flexible fluid like…I been feeling tingling in my root chakra since our session I feel the blockage you took out of me was in the heart and stomach area.” D. Johnson

D. Greene