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Before I get into that let me formally introduce myself. I AM what I consider a Cosmicologist. Ancient Future Goddess (as told by an elder), and I utilize cosmic frequency and natural law to work my magic. My cosmic journey started when I first got my chart read from a Sidereal Astrologer from India but was living in Afghanistan for the time.  Now let me start off by saying this isn’t to bash any other system…the moral of this post is to communicate the importance of using the guidance of Cosmic Law into your magical toolbox. I’m just simply telling you what has been working for me and many others. Did you know that we all were born with a Cosmic Code? Did you do know that Cosmic Law is the law in which all other laws were formed? The magic you’re already working will enhance when you are knowledgeable of the movements in nature, what it means for your world and how it affects YOU and you.


We all know that energy is neither created nor destroyed…it simply transmutes. When your spirit/energy/soul self took it’s journey to this dimension, it travelled through many portals, galaxies, and constellations. Theses energetic bodies were in a particular  space and while in those spaces there were specific frequencies and gases emitting into the ethers. As YOU(spirit/energy/soul)  traveled here, YOU picked up some of those frequencies. When YOU came into this physical world as You, there was a certain space that these same energy bodies occupied and they left that imprint on you (physical body) as well. The Star Chart gives us insight into this journey. Knowing your Cosmic DNA is just as important if not more when it comes to your overall well health, wealth, and working your magic. It reveals strengths, challenges, events, and guidance that Your cosmic law has written when You got here.


Now if you picked up on this already you have gathered that since energy is only transmuted and has traveled from far and wide to manifest into You…this is how our Karma carries into this life. This is why many of us have these innate talents and what seems to be challenges due to the fact NOT ALL of the energy transmuted to become the You that YOU are today. Also many of us feel this deep connection to another life and/or able to feel someone’s energy and recognize it from before. Now being that in THIS life Dharma (life lesson/righteous action) will contribute to our future Karma (in the next life if you have one) it’s highly important to KNOW YOUR LAWS so that you can govern yourself accordingly. Now what if there are some Cosmic challenges? Well this is where the magic comes in. Again everything is energy, every physical thing existed as energy first..rather it be a thought, feeling, or sound. Everything physical is energy first. So here’s why many of our ancestors, who some would call voodoo practitioners, shamans, witches, sorcerers, magi, etc used a variety of physical elements to create their magic according to Cosmic Law.


The ancestors had many ritualistic activities and ceremonies during certain planetary cycles. Let’s Start with the Full Moon in Aquarius Coming up August 18, 2016. As a continuos student of the the stars it’s my job to know that this is 11th House energy. This energy deals with many things but if I had to choose the most important it’s losses, gains, network circles, and income. I also know that the Moon is not only sitting in Aquarius but one of it’s many start constellations (nakshatras) and that also gives off frequencies as well. Our ancestors collectively worked with specific energies to manifest specific things. Now heres the next part, just because it’s 11th house energy according to the natural zodiac, it doesn’t mean it’s 11th house energy also for you. Have you really taken the time to KNOW YOU? Yeah I know you know you…but i’m talking about do you know YOU? You see, the goal is for You to work in unison. The higher and lower self.


Although the charts I provide are more detailed there are many wonderful BUT free sites to get your Sidereal and/or Tropical Charts pulled, just be sure to really take the time to study the meaning of placements of the planets and stars in your chart. You will be amazed at how well it lines up. The students in my workshops and my clients will send me messages in the wee hours of the morning telling me what they’ve discovered.


Here are some keys to get you started on your cosmic journey:


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Use your time, date, and location of birth, to pull your birth chart. For those who do not know their time, there’s another method I’ll share next.


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Know your rising sign/ascendant. In my work this is THE MOST important factor. As this sets the lifes’ foundation and describes another part of your personality and characteristics. If you were unable to find your rising sign due to not knowing your time of birth, you can use your moon sign. I have found going by the moon, also gives accurate information. sign has shown alot of accuracies from both clients and students


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Learn the Significance of each house. Each house, 1-12, has a significant meaning. There is a reason why the moon transits all 12 of these houses each month and is either new or full in each house throughout the year. It maybe a challenge but we are to bring an awareness to these matters as through the lunar month/year. Why? because when you can manage and master these elements or be a Yogi and drop them all completely..here is where alignment begins to form, cosmically speaking.


[trx_list_item marked=”no”]Learn the frequencies of the celestial bodies. It’s one thing to know their name and their meaning, however, depending on their position, the frequencies that they emit could be more on the favorable or not so favorable side. Kind of like how you can walk into a room full of your friends and be comfortable vs walking into a room of people you don’t know or don’t like.


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Practice MAKE PERFECT…or at least almost. Planets are constantly on the move but in this lifetime we’ll be able to keep up. Go as deep as you can and when you’re done with learning the meanings you can now start to read your own basic chart? I didn’t even get into the degrees, the 16 divisional charts, nor the nakshatras…but that’s another post.


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Your Energy Body…please please please don’t forget this..your energy body has portals we know as chakras that also relate to these celestial frequencies. I became certified in Reiki and Tantra with this MAIN motivation in mind. I needed to really heal these portals to unblock what’s meant for me and for other. I personally make sure to get my auric body worked on at least twice a month.


There are many things on this planet that are physical manifestations of each celestial body. This is how we personalize our own ceremonies and rituals. This is another aide in creating YOUR OWN MAGIC. Now please, go be magical. 




Peace and Love

Your SiStar,

Riziki Zafira



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  1. Awesome read! Much success sis. I learn so much from you, you help me study the things I need to know! Black power…or Black magic lol peace unto you.

  2. I’m glad I met you last night. Good things to come for your success and for a friendship 🙂

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