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 Why Tantra?






A few of you reading this blog series are probably very much connected and aware of the power of tantra. Others, well actually the majority of the people in our communities, either have no idea about it or have adopted a concept that is false due to miseducation, being americanized, and/or highly influenced by religious dogma. I thought long and hard about if I wanted to be transparent with my experiences or to allow another spirit in me to tell my stories. I decided to do both because the more Riziki Zafira grows in tantric life SHE WILL evolve to a higher version. I also decided to tell the stories of my other Tantric family, because I want as many accounts to resonate with as many people as possible.


In this life, not only have I had major breakthroughs but have witnessed the healing of others on a scale I never thought I could see. This isn’t the kind of thing you’d experience in a hospital, or some kind of watered down commercialized ceremony you see in the multimillion dollar churches on tv. This is the kind of thing that has to be practiced behind closed doors because this sacred art has to remain protected from opportunists and false teachers. It has to be kept by those who truly have the heart and desire to spread love and heal. This must be studied and practiced by those who CHOOSE a life of liberation and freedom from unhealthy  restrictions, judgements, and ego that is destructive to growth and the ability to relate. Everyone should have a chance to read one of these stories and resonate so that you can apply principles, and utilize them in the recovery of mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual health.


Out of the many Star Chart readings I have given to help understand one’s Blueprint, about 60% of my clients (men and women) has had some form of sexual abuse, suppression, or dysfunction. About 70% of my clients are still unaware of the dysfunctions that contribute to their current personality and emotions which contributes to the dysfunctions and disconnects we experience in our lives. About 100% of people on the planet can benefit by some of the many practices and exercises in tantra. Healing myself and others is why I became certified as a Kundalini Energy Healer. I’m going to complete another level of training by the middle of next year and I’m so excited to see how I evolve as well as others who will be affected when they get on my table or join a workshop.


I respect morals, traditions, and my teachers so NO I will NOT share everything that I’ve learned in my training. Unfortunately nowadays people only value what they view as a challenge to get their hands on. I can and will however provide you some keys and resources to expound on the many lessons and perspectives you will read in this mini-series.


Here’s what I’d like you to wrap around your mind:


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Tantra is just as SPIRITUAL as it is sexual…you must KNOW this.
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Look around, the ability to communicate, heal, and sustain relationships in my generation…SUCKS and Tantra brings forth solutions!
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Aside from the reproductive organs, practices that are incorporated in tantra can help aide in the healing of the body overall.
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Many of our women and men are living at least one of these challenges; misuse of sexual energy, suppression or shame of sexual energy, experiencing what some may call a sexual dysfunction.
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Generational Trauma exists, and we are not addressing this issue properly. We need to clear from this.
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I along with many others have incorporated Tantra into my ceremonies for manifesting. I have seen results…it’s quite orgasmic.
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Using sexual energy, which is the most creative and powerful energy on this planet, can and should be transmuted into a power that aides in strengthening our weaknesses.


So here’s the moment where I become transparent, and I’m going to keep it short because I’d like to focus on the solutions vs the bad experiences. I’m going to share this with you so that when you follow along you are familiar with the progress of my healing and certain “AHA” moments that I and others have had.


My mother raised me, she was in the military and we traveled alot and were well taken care of. I was never hungry and never went without shelter or clothes. HOWEVER, I grew up with some identity issues and also lost the chance to get to know what long lasting relationships looked like or felt like. I did not know how to communicate with the opposite sex or accept them. I did not know how to allow a man to be a man and how to become a woman walking in her divine feminine. Excuse me, I did not know how to develop in GODDESS in ME….the true me that possess the qualities that a man, who is walking in his higher self, can appreciate and hold on too because he sees my value and is willing to invest his time, money, emotions, and spirit in me. The art of dating and choosing in my adult life suffered greatly…but not anymore.


Another thing, which for ME, is now a good thing is that I was not raised in the church. Yes both of my parents believed in a higher power however being raised with my mother, who was not a church freak, only went to church on the holidays so I was not so much brainwashed with religious dogma as others. There were too many questions that had no answers and if they did they did not make sense. IT FELT WRONG…to an extent….not all of it…but the majority. I had experiences as a child that I’ve held on too because even though I didn’t know at the time, there was an innate feeling in me that made remember those experiences like it was yesterday because I felt I would understand them at a later time. I just wasn’t raised in the environment that was knowledgeable or entertained exploring these happenings any further which is ok because it makes me who I am today.


There  was an experience as a child flying into my body and rising up to tell my mother about it. I remember waking up and seeing what looked like a witch in my room, she mirrored my movements and was at the foot of my bed when I woke up. Now as my mother did, just like any other parent, I was shooed away and told it was just a dream but in reality it wasn’t. It was a concept that my mind probably couldn’t grasp at the time. It was a short glimpse of a gift that I had, but was cut off from because of disbelief and fear. Along with other modalities, Tantra  has been an aide in unlocking that door again.


Here’s another thing, I lost my virginity at 13, and that imprint led to me attracting that same type of man who did not appreciate me for who I was but more so what I could do for him and how I made him feel. I have been raped and abused in past lives and in this one and Tantra has helped me reclaim my womb and transmute that negative experience into the strength I feel right now as I’m writing this post.


While I still have lots of healing in this area I can’t sit here and say the breakthroughs I’ve had so far was no monumental….because it is. When I see what I’m attracting right now, I KNOW it’s partly due to the energy healing I’ve received through both reiki and tantra. Doors are unlocking everyday and I’m happy to share this journey with you. There will be accounts of orgasms, possessions, visions, channeling, magic and more. It’s levels to this ish…don’t get it confused or twisted.


Stay Tuned…Peace and Love


Your SiStar,

Riziki Zafira


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  1. Love reading these! I’m proud of you! I would love more info on what you currently are doing.

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