Healing Thru the 8th House….

The month of August is SELF EMPOWERMENT MONTH…not nationally but I just decided to make it that. The 8th month of the year. I like the number 8…it’s all about transformation…death and rebirth….(you can look up the rest for yourself)
Alot of my classes/lessons come from situations I experienced and overcome. The month of July had many instances that had me get real close with the phenomena we call death. To the point where I’m starting to feel called to work with people who are dying and the families that are left to grieve. I feel like I”m supposed to be like a guide for spirits to cross over and to help families realize the power in ANCESTORS. That ancestors STILL want to wo
rk through us and we should not be afraid to commune with them. They are able to help the planet and our existence from a higher realm….but you know this….

So being that my first introduction to anything esoteric was astrology I found my self using the keys I knew to help me get through the month of July…I had quite a few triggers.
July 5th i resuscitated a baby….like she was really dead for a second…she stopped breathing…i still can’t believe I did that. Have you ever seen a baby turning blue? The scariest shit in my life….scarier than that one time I had a gun in my face…….ok I wont’ go there now though..maybe I’ll share that story in one of my classes. MY POINT IS OUT OF ALL OF THE ADULTS who were there..universe saw fit for me to be the one running downstairs barefeet, t-shirt AND NO PANTIES. Coming to think of it someone probably got a good peek at my goodies…but i didn’t care…there was a dead baby and NO ONE knew how to save it…and to be honest…i can’t say honestly knew wtf i was doing…but i felt something in me…but it felt outside of me…taking control on what to do…again…I’m just glad i was there. when i was needed.
July 14th was the 1 year anniversary of my fathers passing. He passed from a heart attack while working out in the gym…I still talk about this alot…I know I mention this alot…BUT IT’S MY WAY TO STILL TRANSMUTE my pain into a power. I will say though…the pain wasn’t as bad because I JUST SAVED A BABY…the guilt from not seeing or being able to see my dad when his attack happened..made me feel guilty…I felt redeemed from saving that baby. 
July 16th a friend of mine died from Congestive Heart Failure…he was 29. What else can I say about that? That’s just too young NOT TOO MENTION we also talked before he died and I’m happy to say that he was in good spirits….he knew he had a short time to live…an
d for some reason I felt called to at least consider that his spirit will pass peacefully.
Then I went back a good 15 years and I started reflecting on the time an ex of mine had sickle cell and he called me to come to the hospital to care for him like I’ve done before. At that time we were broken up…I never went…he died the next day. I wanted to go…something told me to go but I didn’t. Of course when he died I felt guilty. We didn’t know he’d die
My Aunt Shirley…hid the fact she had cancer..she was the ONLY AUNT EVER that consistently reached out to me and cared for me. She would always invite me to see her when I was in college because she always bought me groceries….I rarely went to see her…and I
 can’t lie…me seeing her and saying my final goodbyes I felt liek the shittiest niece ever…all I needed to do was come get the groceries she bought me….the ONLY reason I saw her before she passed was because I went with my this time she was already divorced from my father but oh well…that was still her sis-n-law. Til this day I eat Pecan Twirls as if she handed them to me herself.
I reflected on my best friends mother who called me…and i purposely didn’t pick up the phone because I didn’t want to hear her depression about having cancer. Something said to pick up the phone..but because I was wrapped up in my own ish…i just didn’t..Mama Bonz would call me sometimes as if…I had answers about her terminal illness…I found myself stepping up to a role I wasn’t ready for but I would try…however on that day I felt like i had no energy or advice….she died 1 week later
I could tell you about dreaming about my grandmothers funeral two weeks before she died, I could tell you about seeing my grandfather tired of living in his eyes…then he died, I could even talk about me being comfortable with feeling my grandmothers last pulse and singing to her as her spirit was leaving her body.
This month in some strange way has taught me to find beauty in death and get comfortable with it because it’s not going anywhere…….moreso it was just further confirmation THE SHIT AIN’T EEEEEEN REAL!!! I mean we knew this EXPERIENCE it is something else. I mean sometimes we just need to be reminded. As we grow situations can mean different things even thought it’s something you’ve experienced before. I realize that our pain from death comes because of either HOW they died or we felt like IT WASN’T THEIR TIME….
‘DEATH’ should be celebrated especially if living also meant suffering.
So realizing how my foundation house, my money house, my house of wisdom and spirituality, and my career house all connect to my 8th house ( we’ll discuss that in the workshop also so you can see your connections) it’s helped me deal with the experience of LOSING LOVED ONES…I’ve actually helped people reach an ancestor even though I felt i didn’t have the training….it was honestly like “ok let me close my eyes and point and see if this works”…….
I won’t even lie…my astrological readings are no longer focused on what happened and when and how it’s contributed to who you are (i mean we can do that if you want) now…it’s more focused on shifting perspectives and paradigms that no longer us in a toxic mental physical and spiritual state.
You know something else that’s  crazy? There are people I’ve read for and I would see issues with the chest…then I’ll get a message saying the person had a heart attack….Ive seen sickness through water…(I posted that on youtube and YES I’M STILL SHOCKED I WAS ABLE TO SEE THAT TOO)…
We’ve all heard about those who can see spirits and channel. Some people use bones, stones, shells, cards, or just plain intuition in order to consult someone…WE ALL have that ability…FOR ME using astrology helped me UNLOCK that which was dormant….this is just another way to decipher ALL THE POSSIBLE ENERGETIC EQUATIONS that the universe has to offer.
So upon experimenting with all of my energetic equations….it’s apart of the reason why for the rest of 2018 I’m no longer teaching astrological classes….Doing astrology for the past 5 years has taught me to go EXPLORE SYSTEMS OUTSIDE OF IT……and that’s exciting. Also how to incorporate it WHOLISTICALLY.
From Reiki, Sacred Sexuality and now I’m serious thinking about working with people who are dying…but I REALLY WANT TO FACILITATE FUNERALS….like I see myself in white with someones ancestors wrapped in nice cloth and rubbed down in the best oils. I see myself speaking in some sort of language as the family takes turns with their torch lighting the body and we hold space until spirit says we’re done. Crazy right?
I know but I have to say that everything I imagined myself doing…I’ve did it or am on my way. Empowered people see beyond the scope of their immediate circumstances…and I’ve realized that’s an issue many of us have.
If I never happen to actually officiate a funeral (idk even know if that’s a phrase) the fact that I just created that whole scenario in my mind was pleasing. All THINGS start as THOUGHTS first right?
I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE WITH YOU how I CONTINUOUSLY use this chart as a guide for empowerment. This was just my 8th house…there’s still 11 more I could tell you about.
Knowing that when I was born on this planet….that the placement of heavenly bodies was in a particular place at a particular time. I want you to understand that EVERYTHING that happens in nature has an INTELLIGENCE behind it. I started the journey of learning ALL OF THE INTELLIGENCE that’s in me….that’s the first part…APPLYING IT IS THE REST OF THE WORK…you gotta have the right ingredients for the recipe though…..
For the rest of your life…you will have to apply principles that exist in nature in order to accomplish YOUR VERSION of success. There’s no escaping it.
Although I have 3 more major goals to accomplish I am so grateful of the journey.
  • ATTACHMENTS – stop being attached to the idea that things are supposed to last forever
  • In the many ways DEATH has called me and I ran from it. This is also indicative of running from what I THINK I’m not ready to handle and also that IN THE MOMENT OF DEATH I FOR SOME REASON AM BEING SHOWN BY THE UNIVERSE THAT I AM MORE THAN CAPABLE OF HANDLING THE JOB….I have learned by not listening to myself when people has called me to see them (then they die) to also realize MY VALUE AND WORTH….there are people in this world that wanted me to be apart of their last moments on this planet. THAT REALLY HELPED MY SELF WORTH….THEN I THOUGHT ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT CALLED OUT TO ME BUT I DID NOT ANSWER BECAUSE…..I didn’t feel like I needed to show up…..
  • IT’S ALSO SHOWED ME MY POWER I HAD IN HEALING AND MAKING THE PROCESS OF DEATH A PLEASURABLE ONE…think about the things in YOUR LIFE that needs to DIE but yet you run from that realization because of the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with it…OOOOOH WEEEE TALKING TO MYSELF!!
  • The moment death happens SOMETHING ELSE IS BORN….I don’t care if it’s another person, an epiphany, or a strength you had to cultivate in order to deal.


IN ALL THE PEOPLE OR THINGS THAT HAS “DIED” IN YOUR LIFE…IDENTIFY WHAT WAS BORN. Remember life can be bliss or misery….the choice is yours.


Thank you all for stopping by and I look forward to having you in this month-long workshop. If you haven’t registered yet…CLICK ON THESE BIG ‘OL WORDS so that can save your space….you might want too…classes are filling up quickly…


Best Regards,

Riziki Zafira


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