About Me


I’m Riziki Zafira,

I’m based in Atlanta. Find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. I look forward to connecting with you!

My professional career in Mass communications and Advertising (B.A.) was the catalyst of understanding how important my innate gifts and talents should be used to improve lives by providing, products, services, and experiences that held priceless value. 
I use a variety of tools that I’ve acquired on my spiritual and professional path to help myself and others achieve the highest and best version of themselves. My extensive knowledge and skills as an intuitive eastern astrologer, Reiki Practitioner (Master Level), Tantric (Kundalini) Practitioner, Goddess Yoni Steam Practitioner, and Sacred Sexuality Coach (TM) has helped me guide thousands of men and women on their path of wealth, healing, orgasms, relationships, and sacred sexuality. 
In addition to the healing arts my works include public speaking, workshop facilitator, humanitarian, activist, traveler, novice farmer and composter.  My passion lies in helping to break blockages that hinder us from continuously evolving into better beings.

It’s important that I  acknowledge the instructors who have contributed greatly to my ability to cultivate my gifts. 

Sakhar Guna – Thank you for inspiring me to study and use Sidereal Astrology to help myself but also help others Reiki Master Cazembe Abena (Divine Resonance) – Thank you for your continued support and constant remind to protect myself from negative energy that may hinder me in my work. Master Yao Morris (Grand Trine Tantra) – Who would’ve thought Tantra would be this awesome! You are something else in more ways than one. Thank you for offering a system of indigenous knowledge, science, psychology, metaphysics, tantra, and self improvement. This has helped me so much in my life as far as being able to recognize the work that needs to be done within myself. I have seen how I can actually apply this information in my life as well as help others. Thank you for allowing me to teach Tier 1…I definitely look forward to teaching Tier 2 next!!! (hint hint) Tracey Bryant – Swint (Love My Womb Academy) – I am SO GLAD that you were my first official teacher in feminine health and wellness. There is so much I can say and there still wouldn’t be enough room. I appreciate your realness, your mentorship, the love for what you do, and your genuine desire to develop sisterhood and economical expansion.

Peace and Love Riziki Zafira