Body Work

Body Work

Awakening the Master Masculine and the Master Feminine


With many years of witnessing the dysfunction in ourselves and relationships, I have found many tools that has helped myself and thousands of others improve tremendously. 

I have experienced first hand the amount of men and women who have issues with abandonment, rejection, erectile dysfunction, possessiveness, emotional imbalance etc. I love healing men. In the spirit of sisterhood, if I can contribute to helping a man be a better husband, father, leader etc…then so be it!!! 

  • I create a safe space for them to be vulnerable
  • With the weight of the world on his shoulders, it’s lifted off during his experience in my sacred space
  • If more women contributed to healing of our men (vice versa) we’d have better relationships

My goal is to assist in activating the faculties that makes man a positive and productive member in society.



This heart space centered experience uses energy and stimulation.

This energy is more subtle. I use Reiki particularly on women in order to assist in healing and awakening their divine feminine qualities.

Just like men, there is a substantial amount of trauma that is carried into the hearts and wombs of our women and passed down to their children.

  • Heal the Heart
  • Heal the Womb
  • Heal the Nation


I give thanks to for my training and certification in Grand Trine Tantra founded by Yao Morris and mentor Thomas Hardgrove

I also give thanks for my training and certification in all 3 levels of Usui Reiki by Cazembe Abena.

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