Awakening the Master Masculine and the Master Feminine

“We have invested in our careers by paying colleges and universities to attain degrees and training in the arts, sciences, and specific trades. Why not consider investing in your own life by attaining the degrees of knowledge in the art and science of yourself.”

~ Riziki Zafira


Witnessing the dysfunction in ourselves and relationships, I have found many tools that has helped myself and thousands of others improve tremendously. So, I created this program.

I have experienced first hand the amount of men and women who have issues with abandonment, rejection, erectile dysfunction, possessiveness, emotional imbalance, low sex drive, insecurities, shame, guilt, etc. I love helping . In the spirit of nation-building, if I can contribute to helping a man be a better husband, father, leader etc..and a woman be a better wife, sister, mother, leader, and nurturer etc…then so be it!!!

My goal is to assist in activating the faculties that makes us  positive and productive members in society. This is a 4 Level Program separated into 2 parts. The first 3 levels are for personal development and the last is for business development and integration. If you would like to be on the email list for our next enrollment date. Please subscribe here. Spaces are limited because I really like giving individual attention.


This is an expansive course outlining the key components of  Sidereal Astrology and building upon those principles for a deeper understanding of how we relate to the universe. We explore how our ancient ancestors watched and documented the heavens to produce an astrological charting and record so accurate, that it has YET to be matched. Culturally, with the overstanding of the galactic elements we are composed of, coupled with the diligent tasks of observing daily happenings and behaviors, we will learn how this science is used in guidance to optimize the quality of life. 


Are you ready to expand?