My consultations includes but are not limited to using the following tools:

Intuition, Personality Typing, Cultural/Family Background, Clinical Advice, Trauma Assessment, Sidereal Astrology, Tantra/Sacred Sexuality, Human Design, Numerology, and other methods that I care not to share (smile).

Some of us seek some sort of validation or clarity outside of ourselves even though what you know is already within. Using a variety of tools, a peak into your elemental stamps helps us understand your innate strengths, weaknesses, purpose, and lessons you are to learn.

 Many of my clients have attested that their consultations have:

  • Given meaning to what they thought was harmful or meant nothing
  • Prepared them for the year ahead so that they make more wise decisions
  • Confirmed, Validated, and gave insight into certain decisions they were confused about

The goal is to understand WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW AND WHY… that we can get you WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. Please understand that I am not the regular consultant.  I am simply a channel. I do not pray or worship planets, numbers, or deities. I simply understand the vibrations that the representation carries due to the frequency and elemental forces they are connected too. It contributes to the same information that is held within the many deities, neteru, orishas, and other traditional systems that explain the many parts of us that is ALSO FOUND IN THE UNIVERSE. This is according to teachings of ancient civilizations as well as my very own experience.

Available Readings/Consultations:

Basic Star Chart Consultation 

Sidereal Astrology has helped me developed a practical way to do a check -in with ALL 12 areas of your life. Sometimes we can get out of balance because we are so focused on things that shouldn’t really have priority in our life but for some reason we make it a priority then wonder why we’re lost and/or confused. In these consultations we explore ALL 12 areas of your life and assess your strengths, challenges, life experiences to gain clarity on the AUTHENTIC you before the world told you who you are and what to believe.

Life Purpose/Career

This is pretty much self explanatory. These consultations are mostly requested by those who desire to understand their purpose. I also get clients who realize their career is not fulfilling and they are looking to transition into something else. Some people start to feel a shift or a standstill because their desires are changing and they don’t know where to go from there. This consultation is recommended with a follow up session (separate cost) to be sure you are staying on track with your transitional phase.

Moon Readings 

What do I mean by Moon readings? the Moon represents the parts of our selves that is our emotions, fertility, intuition and more. Again, these concepts are represented in a variety of ways based on which cultural traditions you are studying. Taking a look at this part of your self helps us discover your dormant gifts but it also gives us a reality check about our SHADOW SELF. Even though we all are told we are perfect, let’s be honest, we always can use improvement. This consultation gives us a reality check about how we are allowing negative and positive emotions influence our life, insight into career goals, and ways to develop your spiritual power. Remember that all religions and spiritual systems have a huge impact on your EMOTIONAL SELF. The EMOTIONAL SELF plays a huge part in the decisions we make as well as what we resonate with.


Do you understand why you’ve been experiencing the same patterns in your relationships? Are you aware of both spiritual and practical methods to improve this area in life? Here’s another area that is touchy for most. Many people are not clear as to why their relationships have not been successful even with all of this goodness they have to offer. In life there are certain tasks that hold priority in our lives based on THIS particular experience. Are you here for material wealth? Are you here for fulfill desires? Are you here for spiritual liberation? I learn everyday how important it is to ALIGN YOURSELF WITH A PARTNER WHO COMPLIMENTS YOUR LIFE PATH..many of us are picking partners based off of emotion which we ALL KNOW can get us in trouble at times.

I have read couples and saved marriages, I have read singles and helped to restructure their expectations in order to have more positive experiences. Now let me be transparent here…as I”m writing this (May 2018) yes I am currently single. However, honey child let me tell you, my courting experiences have been WAY BETTER…and to be honest this part of our reading gives us an honest reflection of OURSELVES. WOULD YOU DATE YOU?



This is very important…it’s great to know all of your issues and blockages but it’s even greater when you can commit to a regimen to help clear the way for your greatness to activate!!!!


Coaching Packages are available based on individual needs. Again, I work with BOTH certified and traditional practitioners so your “regime” will not be based on generalities. Coaching packages range from in-person/online sessions to monthly subscriptions.