What’s your blueprint? With many years of reading charts, I have come to know that most of us seek some sort of validation or clarity outside of ourselves even though what you know is already within. Using the most ancient system of Sidereal Astrology, your elemental stamps helps us understand your innate strengths, weaknesses, purpose, and lessons you are to learn based on your last lifetime.

Ever since we wanted to start predicting potentially harmful events, astrology has been a tool to give insight as to what they the “cycles” may bring in our lives. It gives us a peak into what areas to focus on so that we work in synchronicity with universal law instead of against it. Many of my clients have attested that their readings have:

  • Given meaning to what they thought was harmful or meant nothing
  • Prepared them for the year ahead so that they make more wise decisions
  • Confirmed, Validated, and gave insight into certain decisions they were confused in

Unlike other forms of divination, the positions and degrees of your planetary alignment allows us to see how much or how little we have to go to get you in a healthy balance in alignment with the universe. Also, tomake some changes that you may not have known you needed to make. It’s not easy but it’s well worth it. 

Lastly, please understand that I am not the regular astrologer. I also use spirit and intuition to guide me. I am simply a channel. I do not pray to planets, I simply understand the vibrations they carry due to the frequency and elemental forces they are connected too. This is according to teachings of ancient civilizations as well as my very own experience.


Available Readings/Consultations:

Basic Star Chart Reading

Transit Readings

Compatibility Consultation

Career Consultation


I give thanks to Guru Sakhar Guna for inspiring me to cultivate my gifts in Sidereal Astrology.