I love to teach and create safe spaces for transformative experiences. I conduct workshops for private groups, retreats,  non-profit organizations, businesses as well as the general public.

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Exploring Your Archetypes 

The one thing I absolutely love about our ancestors is that they left so many systems that helps us discover more about what’s lying dormant within us.

In this workshop your will learn not only about the aspects that are necessary for successful relationships (business and personal) , but also the archetypes that are gateways to activating your dormant strengths, talents, and skills.

The Alternate Persona 

Trauma is relative. Meaning that what is traumatic to you may not be to others and vice versa. Due to the different forms of trauma we face, our emotions and our mind develops certain structures as a protection method. These structures take us further away from who we are authentically thus resulting in inauthentic relationships and experiences with friends, lovers, associates, etc. By the end of this workshop you will be able to identify how specific traumas contributed to the development of your “alternate persona.”

You will learn keys to not only identify these “alternate personas” in yourself and others, but also to see how these “alternate personas” have created certain blockages and hinderance in your life.

Emotional Intelligence

In my work I have come to know the different levels of our emotional selves. Some of us restrict our emotions, some of us suppress them. Some of us allow our emotions to control us while others are completely numb. This workshop developed based on the many astrological consultations and work I’ve done in Sacred Sexuality. Many people who have GREAT COMPATIBILITY POTENTIAL normally go through the experience of sabatoge due to not knowing how to navigate through their emotions.

In this workshop you will learn practical methods of self check and emotional navigation. Private consultations are available prior to workshop.

Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

“Sex Sells” is by no means a fairy tale. Unfortunately in the western world the SPIRITUAL AND ENERGETIC components of sex is not as much emphasized as the physical aspects. Not to mention SACRED SEXUALITY is WAY MORE than just a penis entering a vagina and pumping in and out.

This workshop is an Intro to the many topics and hands on experiences that you will go through is the Sacred Sexuality Rites of Passage Program. Even if you don’t join the Program this workshop is a great way to expand your mind beyond the realms of everything you thought that sex was.

Feminine Health and Wellness

Learn about the benefits of yoni steaming and self care.

“Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for Vagina. In many indigenous cultures Vaginal steaming was not only a way for women to maintain reproductive health, it was also a way to bond and build relationships with other women of the community. Yoni Steaming has helped aide women in the healing process from fibroids, infertility, cervical mucus, hormone balance & more