Feminine Health and Wellness

Feminine Health and Wellness



Our reproductive system is subject to many ailments due to the chemicals and toxins that comes from food, feminine care products, and the people we choose to be intimate with. Having a healthy womb space not only connects us to our divine intuition, but also our sexuality and emotions. No matter if you’ve had a hysterectomy, my products and services also assists your ENERGETIC womb space . Remember, everything physical is a manifestation of spirit/energy.

Women are responsible for the birth of our future generations. Our health and wellness is vital in order to do our duties as the supreme nurturers of the world. We are wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and best friends. We owe it to ourselves to nurture and cultivate our femininity in a world that at times requires us to be more masculine and/or neglect the importance of being in-tuned with our bodies. We owe it to ourselves to remove negative womb imprints, trauma, and energy that may hinder us from fertility, regulated menstrual cycles, successful relationships, sisterhood etc.


Goddess (Yoni) Steam technique has been used by women of all cultures for thousands of years to promote healing, balance and well being to our wombs and reproductive organs. Steaming can be found in Haiti, Suriname, Senegal and places in West Africa, Honduras, Dominic Republic and Saint Lucia. It’s also noted that the Ashanti people steamed and brought steaming customs to the Caribbean. Learn More…….

Womb Stimulation through touch strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps in eliminating toxins from the body. Womb stimulation promotes healthy blood flow to the the reproductive system. The Hot Stone Abdominal Press is another stimulation service to promote circulation and ease muscle tension. This ancient method was popular amongst many cultures, mainly the Mayan civilization. Lastly, the Womb Wrap uses a mixture of clay and oils that assists in purging toxins, toning, and promoting circulation of your womb space

Womb Clearing Ceremony is available for both groups and individuals. There are many short term and long term of effects of womb trauma stemming from miscarriage, still births, abortions, rape, molestation, dysfunction relationships, toxic partners, etc.


I give thanks for my training and certification  from the Love My Womb Academy founded by Tracey Bryant Swint, accredited by ACHH (American Council of Holistic Healers)