Life Purpose/Career Consultation


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Along with the Basic Star Chart Consultation we will also take a deeper look into specific houses and divisional charts that give more detailed insight into the possibilities based on your strengths and passions. We also review timing for opportunities and skills assessment. Time can range up to 2hrs. Both packages come with recording and follow up document to use for your reference.



This option is a great follow up AND SOLUTION to everything we went over in our consultation.  I work with Melissa Lewis, a Certified National Counselor, Certified LIfe Coach, and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner. This session is for us to start your journey of REWRITING THE SCRIPT THAT YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND HAS WRITTEN.

Our mental, emotional and physical condition depends on the flow of ife force energy or Chi throughout our bodies, and if this Chis is blocked, we will have problems.  These blocks are caused by negative experiences in our present lives, past lives, ancestors, and new DNA created by our off spring that we pick up when we reincarnate. (you can or don’t use this especially dealing with Christians)

These negative experiences produce negative programming  in our subconscious mind known as Errant Subconscious Mind Programming.

These Errant Subconscious Mind Programs are installed on o your subconscious  mind computer’s “hard drive” by everyone you have come in contact with while growing up, and are constantly reinforced by people presently in your life.  These programs determine how you behave and feel. To change these patterns of behavior, is to change these negative programs, energy generators that are reinforcing your errant programs. The change happens by reprogramming your “hard drive” and upgrading your “Mind’s computer hard drive” through positive suggestions and affirmations done through hypnosis, and it’s sub-modality NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. Changing and programming  the language of the mind.

Most  western medicine  is allopathic, and symptoms are treated with medicine so we don’t feel the symptoms anymore…however, it is a great help temporarily, but it is only a Band-Aid.  Remember that symptoms like; pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, addiction, feelings of worthiness, helplessness, etc, are just symptoms, not the cause. The cause is the Errant Programming in your subconscious mind. Let’s get rid of them by reprogramming.

Allopathic (medical doctors, MD) treat the physical body, but Hypnotherapist are not doctors and do not treat the body, but work beyond the physical on Errant Subconscious Mind Programs.

What is Hypnosis?

What it’s not – is the TV person of someone being in a zombie trance and out of his or her mind…that would be some form of possession. Hypnosis is simply; a state of consciousness or condition, which allows the individual to become highly responsive to suggestions.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between what we call reality and what we call pretend/fantasy, through hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be “tricked” into accepting another reality an will work to bring about he new ideas into reality.

“Fantasy becomes truth, and truth becomes reality”


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