AkhuRA Practitioners Program

AkhuRa - Rites Of Passage Program

Registration opens 1/25 for Local and Online Students….

After Years of  practicing an Afro/Indigenous based “Tantric” System, I have expanded my lessons and teachings into a Life Enhancement program.  I have taken the Afro/Indigenous based system I am trained under, the expanded teachings from China and India, and have also incorporated techniques that aide with mental, emotional, and physical health. In this work I have found NOT knowing principles of psychology, behavioral health, mental health and emotional intelligence can be counter productive. If you decided to make this practice apart of your work, please make sure you align yourself with CERTIFIED mental health professionals as I have.

Many schools of Tantra focus on Mantra, Meditation, and Yoga, my system also incorporates science, psychology, and practical methods we can incorporate into our everyday life. While Many of us know the word “Tantra” meaning to incorporate or weave light and sound. I have replaced the word Tantra with a word that is more closely related to my culture “AkhuRa” (The Awakened Ones of Ra OR Life Force/Creative/Sexual Energy)

I have found in all of my years of practice that the goal of “tantra” is to improve/change/transform your current circumstances and experiences into a more blissful one.

Practitioners Program Rites Of Passage

The Temple Priestess

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