I am SO excited to have partnered up with World Views Travel LLC for my next year of exploration. Some of you are aware my first destination of 2019 was Gomoa, Ghana. There is where I not only wanted to embark on a spiritual journey, but also one of business and learning about herbal medicine. In efforts to continue self improvement and self empowerment I wanted to make sure I was able to align myself with people who can help me accomplish my goals in regards to the benefits I always seem to get from travel.

I found it highly important to partner up with this SPECIFIC company for specific reasons.
-They are professional, provide quality experiences, AND they are black owned and operated, by women who are also world travelers. 
-Their niche is to provide NON TOURISTY experiences that help expand the minds of the people in the African Diaspora and beyond. I absolutely LOVE AUTHENTIC NON touristy experiences. One thing that resonated with me BIG TIME is that every trip on their itinerary they have actually been there and personally met EVERY SINGLE PERSON AND COMPANY that will be apart of the trip. I’ll be sure to fill you in on what goes on in regards to how the do their RECON.. (aka research) 
– IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR! One thing I’ve always wanted to experience with a travel group is feeling comfortable with like minds and spirits. By now I’m sure there are some people in your life that you didn’t grow up with, but it feels like you have.  There are people who already are where you want to be and your network is truly your networth. This here will be my TRAVEL SOUL TRIBE!!!
Collectively these beautiful Queens have been to over 150 countries which definitely makes me feel good about TRUSTING them TO KNOW what they are talking about as far as being a world traveler. Hearing stories about Astonia, Pakistan, Iraq (place I would NEVER think to go) really taught me alot about myself, the worlds, and how i can better relate to it in regards to being successful in my endeavors. I really want you to stay tuned because we will be sharing our journies together. You should really be apart of it though.
In a nutshell…it literally can and will change and expand you world view. It also may at times shatter it, which DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A BAD THING.
Being a military brat I have to say that traveling to so many countries and states contributed to my moral of NOT being limited to my immediate surroundings. While many of us feel world traveling is impossible. It’s just not true. Travel is one of the greatest investments I’ve made because it help me expand MY WORLD VIEW AND MY CONNECTIONS. Like seriously. Before getting back into travel I didn’t see the amount of possibilities and opportunities life had to offer. Before travel my network was only confined to my immediate surroundings which was also limiting my growth and expansion as a human being. Before travel I wasn’t aware of the AFRICAN PRESENCE THAT EXISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD. I mean I knew about it books and documentaries but to see evidence of it with my own eyes was just breathtaking. Before travel I wasn’t aware of my own limiting beliefs which in turn limited the ability to expand myself and the accomplishments I wanted to succeed in.
Better to see something once, than hear about it a thousand times
The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.

Not sure about your lineage, but mine have always been a people on the move. I come from a long lineage of women who have continuously migrated to different parts of the world. They went from Africa, up the Arabian Peninsula, Europe, back to Africa the America. Their story taught me that  in order create the wealth and experiences you want, you can’t be afraid to explore how the world can contribute to it.

I really look forward to seeing some of you on one of these upcoming trips. Feel free to join their group or reach out if you have any questions about how you can expand your world view by incorporating more travel in your life. Visit their website and be sure to check out the itineraries!!!

You can also see them by clicking these direct links




Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind



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