The experience of my cycle has been way better since I’ve started free bleeding. I used to feel fat, unattractive and nasty. Now I feel sexy, bold, and appreciative during my cycles. I will sit my menstruating, slightly bloated, sensitive tittied sexy ass right on a towel and just let the flow… flow. As you research, you will find some articles describing Free Bleeding as a process where women don’t wear any pads or tampons when they’re out and about AND they are ok with allowing their panties or clothes to get stained being that there is nothing blocking the flow of their blood. However for me I’m not that bold. I have designated towels that I use to sit on during my cycle especially for the first 3 days. I rarely go out during this time as my flow is the heaviest, not because I can’t it’s just because I don’t want too. If I do decide to go out during this time I’ll use cloth. BUT as soon as I get home, IT ALL COMES OFF! No pads and No tampons are allowed to touch my vagina. I don’t even like to wear clothes.   Apart of this entrepreneurial lifestyle is that I have the honor of working from home so staying at home and sitting on my towel BUCKED NAKED for the first 3 days of my cycle is a luxury I have that alot of women don’t. It’s ok though sisters, there’s a way for you to enjoy this as well.

Women from all over the world, since as far back as we know, held sacred space during the time of menstruation. I don’t know about you but I know I always wondered if they used some form of pads or tampons back then.  There was something in me that knew I needed to change how I experienced my period especially with the risk of TSS from tampons, and pads….don’t get me started on pads. Organic or not. I just don’t like them. I remember I used to live on a Rastafarian compound on the West Side of Atlanta. I lived with 2 men at the time and I have to say it was a great learning experience. One man was like an uncle and the other was like my grandfather. So on top of me not being allowed to bring meat into the house (which highly influenced me becoming a vegetarian/vegan for over 10 years) I also was not allowed in the kitchen during my cycle. They told me that it was a time where I’m supposed to relax and also of course there were tales of women putting their blood in the food so their upbringing taught them that no women were allowed to cook or serve while on their cycle. At first I was offended but I really enjoyed having men cook for me as well as serve me anytime I was hungry or thirsty. It was a great way to see how the masculine energy honored and respected my sacred time.  It was crazier though that I wasn’t aware of how to enjoy or appreciate this time for myself. It was always associated with negative things like pain, and being bloated, and not being able to have sex.

Now some of you can relate to this:

  1. Pads – I don’t know about you but I’ve had quite a few moments where I laughed  or  sneezed a little too hard and  blood just came squirting out. Just thinking about how that gush went into a pad that I still had to sit in (cuz we can’t afford to just throw away pads if they are “full” pads aren’t cheap)  was very uncomfortable for me. It was a nasty feeling and I no longer wanted to experience that.
  2. Tampons – This is another issue I had. To think of a wad of cotton soaking up blood in my vagina, and the soaked blood stays on that cotton until the remainder of the tampon is fully soaked with blood just for me to change it out and do it again. Naaaaaaah.
  3. Diva Cups – Never really used them and I personally wasn’t interested. It was still the concept of blood sitting in my vagina  until it’s time to change and then sticking something right back up there to collect all over again.


If some of you are fortunate to have your cycle start on your days off… free bleed if you can. Even during your down time after work, free bleed if you can.  It is highly important that your vagina is able to “air out” and NOT be filled with, sitting on top of, pushed against etc blood 24hrs for about 3-7 days (or more) .


This position is all about the free flow…normally the towel is not covering my Yoni like this but since I don’t know ya’ll like that I have it up. In this position I just let the blood flow naturally and I’ll occasionally push (like Im giving birth) to encourage it to flow out. The feeling is so refreshing when you can “push the gush” and not have to have your vagina sit on top of it. ijs…ijs…


Reflections…..(my special time is a special time)

Do You Like Your Body? I don’t care what other people say we will always have our own criticisms about our bodies. During my special time I like to sit naked and just enjoy the beauty of me. To this day I sill have specific things about my body that I wish were better. This time helps me accept myself as I am because I don’t think surgery is will be an option for me. As I get older these moments are a chance to embraces that changes that have come and will come in the future. I appreciate all of my stretch marks, the hang time on my cha cha’s, and even the scars from my tomboy days. In the beginning I felt like a bloated whale, and now I have found myself even more attractive and sexy during this time. I basque in the beauty of ME during a time that I’ve been trained to find myself impure, unattractive, and jus plain gross. This energy that’s cultivated shows up in other areas in life. The main lesson in this is “when the world tells you you’re not enough, ugly, and should be shamed, you say fuck that, I accept me and my beautiful flaws so you’ll just have to adjust.”

How Do You Smell?  Some women that I talked to report their menstrual having a distinct smell. Well yes blood will have it’s own distinct smell however keep in mind menstrual blood contains vaginal mucus, bacteria, uterine lining, and whatever other fluids your body is getting rid of. As the vagina retains EXTRA moisture this can lead to secondary infections, extra bacteria, and ph imbalance when the blood is obstructed. These things can contribute as to why your cycle may have a slightly stronger smell since it’s not getting a good air flow. This is really important for women who may have conditions that involve irregular bleeding on a frequent basis. I know after I started this process along with consuming certain herbs for my overall health, there was DEFINITELY a change in the smell of my menstrual. Some women will swear up and down their menstrual cycle doesn’t produce a smell…that may be true for some but not for all.

Increase in Intimacy? Let me first just say I am VERY open about my menstrual time. It’s important to know when you (a man) come to see me or I come see you while I’m on my cycle, I will be free bleeding. I will not subject my vagina to pads or tampons for your comfort. I tell him “Hey just so you know I’m on my cycle and i’ll be sitting on a towel..” Of course they have questions, at least the ones who DO NOT engage in sex with women who are on their cycle…because some do…that’s another article for another time lol. Once I explain they completely understand and their main thing is “as long as I don’t smell anything” lol. He’s absolutely right. I’ve also found that when he sees me this way, it helps us grow closer. It creates more intimacy believe it or not. To see me in my natural form, doing what women do….MENSTRUATE!  One time I came over my partners house (with my cloth pad) AND LEFT MY DAMN TOWEL!!! It was so sexy to see him offer me one of his GOOD TOWELS WITHOUT HESITATION. Lawd that was so sexy…I definiely showed him my appreciation for that gesture (tehehehehe)

This position is how I sleep. I never have spills or leakage. Ain’t nobody got time to be messing up some good bed sheets.

So ladies and gentlemen, I hope this article has helped you understand the beauty of embracing your bleed. When you feel fat, bloated, unattractive etc during this time, it will show up in other areas of your life. When you can feel absolutely beautiful and amazing during this time, it’s an energy you should be able to carry when the world tells you otherwise.

Do you free bleed? Have you thought about it? Tell me about it.


Peace and Love,



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  • I LOVE this! I don’t do it (but I might start something similar…), I stopped wearing restricting clothes over a year ago. I stopped wearing bras when my twins were newborn (they are 10) and undies have gone to heck within the last year, along with jeans. No more. The deeper I align with myself, the less I want to be restricted. I love free flowing materials, etc. Whoo! Oh and PS I almost died from TSS from using tampons. Those things don’t belong up there.

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