Full Moon in Capricorn

August 14 2019 6:15am Est to August 15th 8:29 am Est

Sidereal Dates: Jan 14 to Feb 12

Direction: Cardinal

Element: Earth

Ruled By: Saturn

Lunar Mansions: Shravana to Dhanistha

*Note: The full moon brings to fruition things that were initiated around the new moon or earlier. The glow of the full moon sheds light on situations, so you can see what’s happening. It also brings to light matters that may have been hidden or unclear before.” Being that all of you were born at different times, dates, and locations, interpretations will vary depending on which house Capricorn is for you. These articles are to educate about what energy is occurring during  these times. These energies can be used to support whatever tools you use for healing and empowerment while communing with nature and it’s forces.

The characteristics in the universe and in humans represented by Capricorn is founded in the principles of  prospering through endurance (persevering). The Cardinal Earth combination represents the parts of us that remind us to  focus on attaining what provides security through  utilizing practical methods. Also, this signs is known for it being the natural 10th house of the zodiac which gives us insight into our  career, reputation, and overall right action. Ruled by Saturn, this principle is what contributes to our caution and being highly methodical in our approach to tasks and activities. Whatever house Capricorn is for you in your star chart, please understand that this is an area of life that will improve over time.

Full Moon in Capricorn will require you to deal with and accept the things that do not come immediately…`what “IT” is will come…just not on YOUR time. On the brighter side this energy can be used to commune with the universe to shed light into ways of applying practical methods that will contribute to navigating the path of least resistance. Yes there will be obstacles and delays however being overly focused, and worried won’t help at all. Being depressed and  overly focused on security or lack thereof wont’ help either. Focus on getting the plan, and APPLYING the plan (this part) and the rest will follow.

Capricorn consists of two lunar constellations that the moon will be traveling through during this time. If you were born with any planets in Capricorn knowing these lunar mansions will help. Let’s do a brief exploration of these energies, how they reflect our inner guidance, and reflect how they apply to your area of life (house that the moon is passing through).

The first section of Capricorn  consists of 3 stars known as Shravana.

This part of Capricorn is about providing connection to ones appropriate paths in life.  Also called the “star of learning”  it’s connection deals with the knowledge that helps us transcend the material world. Many of the millionaires or billionaires who are “AWARE” come to the realization that helping others is what matters, not so much the material.  Shravana rules position of wokship and service to humanity. This is a part of why Capricorn is affiliated with our career in life. If we’re specifically talking about 10th house relations we would reflect on how our career or “right” actions in this world is affecting humanity.

Dhanistha completes the constellation of Capricorn while occupying 6 degrees of Aquarius (which provides another shift in it’s meaning but we’ll stick to Capricorn).

A combination of forces within this lunar mansion is what contributes to abundance and fame, one of the many rewards of perseverance, focus, and success in career. This force represents the gift of insight, listening, and perception of truth.  Use this time to increase your ability to bring your resources together,. this is what will help build upon the connections you’ve made on your paths and be able to apply practical methods to gain more rewards for your work here.

With Sun Mercury and Venus aspects we are reminded to set intentions to shed light on what actions can be taken (communicating, gathering information, and engaging with whatever/whoever etc.) to increase our happiness.


“We are reminded to set intentions to shed light on what actions can be taken (communicating, gathering information, and engaging with whatever/whoever etc.) to find happiness or at least a path of least resistance.”
So What About You Specifically?

What house (area in life) is Capricorn for you? Do you have a Sidereal Chart yet?  Remember, you can use this energy to apply to WHATEVER area in life resonates most with you or both! Just want to be clear that support is stronger when in alignment with you star chart.

These House definitions vary from system to system. Do your own research, in the meantime here’s some help.


Asc/Moon/Mahadasha Area of Life/House
Capricorn 1st – self, the body, characteristics, life foundation.
Aquarius 12th – sexual desires, hidden enemies, freedom of expression, spiritual enlightenment, isolation, jails, hospitals, charities, humanitarianism.
Pisces 11th – losses, gains, network circles, power to achieve your goals, extra income, opportunities.
Aries 10th – Career, right action, reputation.
Taurus 9th – Wisdom, higher knowledge, religion/spirituality, foreign travel, father, guru, authority.
Gemini 8th – secrets, loans, other people’s money, occult, mysticism, secrets, death, murder, abuse, surgery, things beneath the earth, rising after a great fall, sex, tantra, spirit beings.
Cancer 7th – marriage, partnership, sex.
Leo 6th – sickness, disease, obstacles, challenges, divorce, debt, healing
Virgo 5th – intellect, children, creativity, romance, ancient knowledge, speculative business, past life.
Libra 4th – home, feelings, mother, fertility, education, comforts, home, cars, land.
Scorpio 3rd – siblings, short distance travel, network skills, willpower, efforts, determination, media, self-expression.
Sag 2nd – fixed income, values, family happiness, the throat (communication), things that can mentally and physically harm you.

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Peace and Love,

Ziki .

Success is the result of the journey to perfection, hard work, loyalty, and persistance. If you aren’t failing every now and again. It’s a sign you’re not doing anything innovative.

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