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Riziki Zafira is trained and certified in The Art of Active (Shamanic) Tantra. She combines her skills in the Sensual Arts, Herbal Medicine, Cosmology, Sidereal Astrology, Traditional Ceremony & Herbs, Energy Healing, and Body work to release trauma, understand life path and purpose,  improve sexual performance and  pleasure, and assist in your journey of self – empowerment and  becoming the highest and best version of  your authentic self.

My Story

This particular part of my life’s work started as a way for me to heal from my own traumas and become more in alignment with my most authentic self. On this journey I’ve acquired the skills and tools that assisted in releasing the affects of trauma, developing emotional intelligence, healing modalities, and attracting more of the good that the universe has for me. Although I teach at retreats, events, and workshops of my own, I am ALWAYS a student first.

  • Creator of Sacred Sexuality Rights of Passage Program
  • Co-Founder Black Tantra Group
  • Workshop Facilitator

Aside from healing works, I love to travel and I look forward to hosting retreats outside of the country. Food is my second best friend, and dancing, oh my goodness honey put on some Reggae or Afrobeats and ya’ll better watch out!!! I strongly believe everyone has a purpose here and now that I understand mine I get the absolute pleasure of helping others do the same.

Educator. Workshop Facilitator. Empowerment Speaker.



In 2013 I got a call from my best friend who was station in Afghanistan. She told me about a man who was born and raised in India and came from a family of astrologers. After reading her chart, I was excited for him to read mine. About 2 days later at like 3am in the morning she called me EXTREMELY excited about all he had to say. When I talked to him I was so shocked to hear what he could see in my chart, even down to the thinning hairs on the sides of my head. He told me whenever I started reading charts, he’d want to go into business with me. I never read a chart in my life, but the reading he gave me made me want to know more. He was right, I’ve been reading charts ever since. I’m just said I can no longer find him…I guess he served his purpose. Thank Sahkar Guna for introducing me to a tool that helps me and other. Also for making me realize my innate abilities to be good at what I do.

After seeing how much energy plays a part in our everyday lives, I was really curious about how to use it to help others. I’ve been reading charts for so long and I got tired of being able to tell people what they needed to do and yet had now modalities to help them do it. Learning the art of Reiki Healing and Tantric Healing gave me the tools to do just that. Completing All 3 level of Usui Reiki as well as All 3 levels in Grand Trine Tantra has contributed to not only my growth but what I’m able to offer to you in your journey of healing, transformation, and empowerment.

What would healing be without herbs? My first lessons came from Roots of Change Community Farm in Atlanta, GA. Along with planting seeds I started learning that what most would consider as weeds, was actually medicine. From there I continued my studies and even traveled to Gomoa, Ghana to learn from the shamans in the village. Just like all human beings carry spirit/energy…so do plants. I use herbs in conjunction with my other modalities to align mind, body, and spirit.

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