Intimacy Coaching


Available for both singles and couples. 

Sex and Intimacy happens way before the bedroom. Our sessions are opportunities to explore and practice methods and modalities to improve intimacy on mental, emotional, and physical levels. We’ll explore emotional awareness, a deeper connection with your body and partner, increasing presence, negative patterns, and practical exercises. By cultivating these core principles, your ability to expand your skills, become more orgasmic, giving and receiving pleasure will improve greatly.

Emotional Awareness

Sometimes our lack of emotional connection stems from past experiences we haven’t healed from. Not only does this effect the way we connect but also the way we respond.  This also connects to our ability to forgive ourselves and each other for whatever we hold guilt, shame, regret, anger etc about.

Body Connection

The association, ideas, and attachments to your body shapes your perspectives of it. Sometimes we carry perspectives that leads to the lack of connection and awareness to ourselves. This results in the inability to experience pleasure or be confident in your ability to give pleasure.

Increasing Presence

Ever engaged with someone and they seemed to be another place? Or maybe that’s you. Maybe you have a hard to time interpreting the unspoken language that exists in moments of pleasure. Increasing presence will improve your ability to respond to your partner. Increasing self presence will help you better express your desires and create ways to practice your pleasure. Non Orgasmic women and men who experience erectile issues benefit greatly from these practices.

Negative Patterns and Behaviors

We all have triggers and at times we may notice this cycle of occurrences that seems to be a major theme in our relationship experience. Negative patterns and behaviors are a result of trauma that we not allowed ourselves to heal from. Our belief systems sometimes contribute to our inability to see how some of our thought patterns and behaviors are hindering us more than helping us. When your protection mechanisms become your blockages, we have to do some work in getting rid of that old programming.

Practical Exercises and Homework

This is more than a conversation. No matter which type of session you get ALL of them comes with homework. This is a way to gain tools that you can do by yourself or with your partner. After an assessment or session it’s important to be consistent when it comes to transformation. Consistency builds habits and we want to be sure we are creating healthier ones.

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