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I use the ancient system of Sidereal Astrology to align you with the Universe!!!

I’ll need your time date and location of birth. If you don’t know your time…it’s ok…I can use your Moon sign instead.

In my experience and client feedback this option is good for those who need direction on purpose and overall insight into their lives. This information confirms what you have issues deciding on and also gives you insight into the YOU that you may not be aware of. We discuss the good and the challenges in order to properly guide your efforts in healing,  transformation. and alignment. If you have a FB account you will also be included in our group for more guidance and tools to aide in you ALIGNMENT.

The 12 houses have many meanings, however I’ve included the main points to get you familiar.

Your  Reading will include but is not limited to information about:

1.Life Foundation, Body, Personality

  1. Assets and Income
  2. Efforts and Willpower
  3. Home and Education
  4. Children and Creativity
  5. Diseases, Enemies, Divorce
  6. Marriage and Partnerships
  7. Secrets, Sex, Hidden Knowledge
  8. Fortune, Wisdom, and Spirituality
  9. Career and Reputation
  10. Extra Income, Network Circles, Opportunities
  11. Desires, Isolation, Enlightenment


This current  energy that is taking precedence in your life right now, what it means and where it can lead you.

Sessions can last for up to 1hr and 30min. If extra time is need we can adjust pricing accordingly.


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60min, 90min


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