State of Black Charlotte


Register for my FREE workshop at the State of Black Charlotte!!! In order to Register you must pay admission fee for event. Trust me it’s well worth it. You will be exposed to a wealth of information from other presenters and exhibitors as well.


You along with 24 others will be guided through the benefits of Tantric Healing. The Sesa Life Enhancement System© offers a curriculum of Tantric practices, tools, and modalities that are interactive, culturally relevant, and practical.

Workshop Includes:

  • Origins of “Tantra”
  • The Purpose and Benefits of Tantric Practices for Mind, Body, Energy/Spirit, Family Career, etc
  • Journey Through the Body Solo Practice
  • Journey Through the Body Partner Practice
  • Complimentary Print Outs

All activities in this workshop are optional. For those who decide to participate there will be a brief discussion on creating “Safe Space” & Healthy Boundaries.



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