SESA University-An Educational Institution for Life Enhancement

What Is Sesa?

Sesa is a word in the Twi (chwee) language that translates to “to change” or “to transform/transmute” in the English language. The phrase “Sesa Wo Suban” means to “Change/transform ones character/life”. Sesa Wo Suban is a term that has existed since the beginning of the formation of the Twi language. Keeping all honors and respects to our ancestors, I created the Sesa Life Enhancement System™ which includes different modalities and teachings to use as tools to cultivate our healing and growth as individuals and a community.


SESA University offers the opportunity to  facilitate change and/or transformation through offering certification programs in modalities that assist us in our healing, empowerment, and overall personal development. Our programs and classes focus on 5 main principles:

  • Sesa Wo Adwen
    • Transformation of the Mind
  • Sesa Wo Gyedzi
    • Transformation of Beliefs
  • Sesa Wo Homan
    • Transformation of the Body
  • Sesa Wo SunSum
    • Transformation of the Spirit
  • Sesa Wo Akwoma
    • Transformation of the Heart

What Are Your Current Programs?

Current Programs:
  • AkhuRa™ (Formally known as Tantra/Tantric Healing) Practitioners Training
  • AkhuRa™ Rites of Passage Program
Balance and Harmony is key. Our personal care affects our professional success and we pride our institution offering the balance of both. We understand that our professional careers should also align with our innate talent, skills, and passion. The Sesa Life Enhancement System© includes methods that also contribute  to your professional tool box in order to increase and expand your financial wealth no matter which industry you’re in. Through going through these systems you will find that this also aides in your professional development.