What is Sidereal Astrology

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The Dravidians were a people who migrated out of Africa and into what we now know as Modern Day India. This culture further developed a science that was used as a tool to guide the community and it’s members. With the knowledge and experience of noticing particular cycles, patterns and behaviors in nature as a whole our ancestors were able to notice these same cycles, patterns, and behaviors in individuals as well. Of course this information was based on the individual’s specific planetary alignment the moment they were born. I want to be clear that my methods of Sidereal Astrological Interpretation also includes study and practice of history, records, and research before Aryan invasion and influence. Sidereal Astrology uses planetary placements that are astronomically correct.


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Extra Info

Why I Prefer Sidereal Astrology

This video is not to tell you which system is better than the next. My hopes are for you to understand why I choose this system and how it has helped me and others find peace, gain awareness, increase potential, and more. I have found that Sidereal Astrology speaks to the spirit and authentic core while Tropical is a way for us to seek answers in how to maneuver through the matrix. With that respect both systems are useful. It is up to you to decide which one you resonate with the most.

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Birth Chart Basics

Star Chart Navigation

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