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The Cosmic Gods

Learning to use your chart as a Life Guide

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The Cosmos...

Many cultures studied nature and called it God/Goddess. Many cultures understand that we are all ecology and every person on this planet has a divine purpose and function just like the trees, the seas, the birds and the bees (see what I did there?). Therefore, to become a Cosmic God or Goddess in your own right means to understand the forces in nature. It also means that you are taking the time to commune with them.  You understand the patterns, behaviors, and cycles that exists in the universe is also a reflection of yourself and your life events.

How Will This Help?

Over the past 5 years I’ve been reading charts, I’ve seen and predicted (not on purpose) life events. Some of these led to happy tears and other sad. However, there is still joy in the beauty of being prepared so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute. There is beauty in being able to embrace that “NO” simply means “YES” to something else. The greatest  joy I get from sharing this tool with others is for them to find peace and power in understanding their life events and co-creating with the universe. I have used this tool as a LIFE GUIDE and it has assisted me and so many of my clients get a clearer picture about their life path and purpose.

What’s Included In My Subscription?

Every subscriber will get a copy of their Sidereal Chart as well as a simple guide to keep on hand as we go through lessons and activities. Some of the lessons given in this subscription comes from My SETPOSA course. (Self Empowerment Thru Principles of Sidereal Astrology). Other lessons are more focused on your areas of life that are covered in all of my readings.WAIT!!! There’s More….

Another tool included in this Subscription is learning the beauty of Afrikan Cosmology. I want to be clear that these 2 systems ARE DIFFERENT and should not be mixed or intertwined. I use BOTH as tool for separate reasons. As a current student of  Cosmology (Akan), I have found in my work that using Afrikan Cosmology gives me tools to understand the functions of my body and how to heal it, a deeper look into my divine function on this planet, as well as ways to commune with forces that our ancestors gave power too many lifetimes ago.