The Sacred Sexual

The Sacred Sexual
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The Sacred Sexual

We are all sexual.  We understand that as sexual beings we exchange masculine and feminine energy in EVERYTHING that we do. Therefore, this exchange or reciprocation of energy leads to creation. In regards to the physical act of sex we understand that it’s just as healing as it is pleasurable. A Sacred Sexual understands that the mind, body, and spirit must align and work together in order to create the reality that is desired. This is more than just orgasms and exploring our reproductive organs. This work heals and opens the heart. This is about doing the work so that we can return to our most authentic version of ourselves.

How Will This Help Me?

I’m go glad you asked this question. As a matter of act I’ve listed more for you in case you were wondering…

Are you new to learning concepts and practices of Tantra?

This is a great place to start. Many of my clients have came from religious backgrounds and/or have been through certain traumas that has resulted in their sexual suppression, fears, and blockages. This is a SAFE and JUDGEMENT FREE zone for you to expand and explore this area in your life. There are quite a few couples who have come to the point in wanting to explore ways they can increase intimacy and connection. This work will definitely give you tools to do just that.

Have you been wanting to join a curriculum however time may not permit?

Alot of certification programs can be time consuming. Although it’s worth it, we can’t deny that life may not offer enough time for the type of dedication needed. This self paced subscription allows you to learn according to  YOUR schedule. All live sessions will be recorded and emailed to subscribers. Again this is a SAFE and JUDGEMENT FREE zone. It is REQUIRED that we ALL respect each other’s privacy and individual journey.

Are you a practitioner looking to add this tool to your practice?

There’s never enough tools for your toolbox. No matter what field your are in, Shamanic Tantra includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual/sexual health. Your clients will always find value in the modalities and tools that this system offers. This art is included in my work reading charts, feminine health, and life coaching. Trust me, this work is so abundant there’s something for EVERYONE! EVEN YOU!!!

Do you want to break through whatever blockages that are hindering you from experience more bliss than bullsh*t?

Out of every benefit there is, TO ME this is the most valuable. Life will always throw curve balls and this works helps you respond better. There are also many triggers and defense mechanism we’ve developed that limits our growth. The goal is to rid yourself of all of the shame, guilt, fears, and anger that you’ve built up over the years. In my work, I’ve seen situations come up that my clients thought they’ve healed from. Shamanic Tantra will explore your light, your dark, your closets, and everything in between. It’s a very necessary process.

What About the Sex?

Let me just tell you straight up. I’ve never had a nipple orgasm until I experienced Tantra. My G-Spot never came out to play (we’ll learn what this means) until I used Tantric Healing. My orgasms last way longer than they used to. My body changed for the better and my insecurities fade away. With my partner, sheeeeeiiiiiit. I am so happy that I have gained tools to please him without him always having to penetrate me. Learning about energetic foreplay, lingam massages, genital reflexology etc has stepped my game up tremendously. Last but not least, I’ve become better at educating him on what I want and how I want it. There’s no reason for me to not have a pleasurable experience when I am able to teach someone who is willing to learn.

In Conclusion

I can write a book ( I actually am lol) on how the system of Active Tantra and principles of sacred sexuality has helped improve my life on all levels. I have taught at retreats, workshops, and online to people all over this country about how this life can improve the mind body and spirit. I can’t tell you the amount of transformations I’ve witness on this journey and it is freaking beautiful. Joining this tribe will put you in a space where you can learn at your own pace and still commune with others like you who are wanting to experience what this lifestyle has to offer.