What is Zodi

Zodi is a unit of Zodiacal Dust a.k.a Stardust. This dust originates from the collision of comets and asteroids and is primarily found between the Sun and Jupiter. Stardust is made up of the same ingredients as life on Earth (including humans) which are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. Humans and their galaxy have about 97 percent of the same kind of atoms which are mostly found in the center of the galaxy and we are about 2/3 away from that.

While astronomy is a well known science, astrology is considered to be pseudo science. Pseudo simply meaning that there is no known scientific study that proves its validity. Nevertheless, utilizing the movements of planetary bodies while studying human behavior has been a practice of many ancient civilizations. Lastly, some of what these civilizations accomplished are still a subject of discussion in the science community.

Astrology is a language, and in my experience, accuracy is based on the interpreter. I use this language as a guide to explore the abundance of myself but also remain focused on my purpose in this lifetime. This language has helped myself and thousands of others gain clarity, solutions, and direction in life.

We are all “units” (beings) made of stardust tasked to live in alignment with the universe. Each of us have a specific purpose and are to use our innate talent skills and wisdom to be productive members of society. While we know life is duality, how the “good” and “bad” can be navigated in a better way through understanding what contributes to what you experience and who you are.

Highly Important: You are not a slave to your chart. If anything it’s a key to allow you to explore your abundance to become anything you want to be

Courtesy of Anlo Ew

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